"It is out of reality that the most peculiar tale of all is born. (...) Some call me the Elder Granny, others – the Dryad, but my real name is Memory.
It is I who sits on a tree that keeps on growing, and growing, it is I who reminisces and tells stories.” *

This fairy tale is like a spell cast in an attempt to disenchant the past. It is an act of creating a new reality in which illusion is the truth.
They say that childhood is a time when one's mind is asleep. Acting as a guide leading my daughter to consciousness I intend to implant in her a belief that “fairy tales are more than real, not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they make us realize that they can be conquered.” **

For my parents

* H. Ch. Andersen
** C.K. Chesterton

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